What We Do

Qigong 7 Stars

West Coast Wuji provides one day and weekend Qigong and Taiji workshops on the west coast of Scotland. Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of slow, gentle exercises which bring the qi of the body into harmony, clearing blockages and refreshing all parts of the body to improve your sense of well being.

Each of these workshops will introduce a set of exercises which most people will be able to learn well enough to remember and continue practising at home.

Our tutors are experienced, qualified and insured.

There are over 3600 known forms of Qigong, some suitable for athletic, flexible people and some suitable for those who are less physically able. We will be working within each individual’s ‘soft limit’, the point at which you feel you are doing something, but not straining or hurting yourself

West Coast Wuji can also visit your place of work (or play!) to provide an informative, interactional experience – anything from half an hour to a whole day. Ask about a free taster session.