The Five Elements

An Introduction to Taiji and Qigong

An opportunity to learn 2 sets of gentle exercise which will enable you to deal with stress and improve your health.

We’ve all seen pictures of people practising taiji and qigong in Chinese parks. These exercises are often prescribed by doctors instead of drugs as part of a health regime. By gently stimulating the acupuncture points on the meridians they bring harmony to the body and mind, improve calmness and resilience as well as balance and coordination.

The Chinese see everything as a matter of balance between the Five Elements, earth, water, metal, fire and wood so there is a little theory in this introduction, which will go a long way!

We’ll begin with a warm up for posture and balance. We’ll then do some breathing exercises and taiji walking. By way of variety we’ll do some shi ba shi, 18 step taiji qigong and end with a relaxing meditation.

By the end of the day, you will have a clear idea of qigong and breathing techniques, have learnt a complete form, experienced the basics of taiji and qigong practice and gained knowledge of a meditation technique.
Suitable for Beginners.