Introduction to Mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness offers new ways of relating to our experience that in turn enable us to handle thoughts and feelings differently. Instead of either becoming sucked into problems, or trying to avoid them at all costs, we learn through being mindful to break free from habitual patterns and see things from a different perspective. The result is a reduction in the level of stress we experience – even if the situation itself remains unchanged.

We often get triggered into a stressful frame of mind when experiencing particular situations. The way we relate to what’s happening – our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about the situation – can often become ‘loaded’ at such times. So this mind state can bring on stress itself and a vicious cycle is established which can be easily triggered and difficult to break.

Using mindfulness we can learn greater awareness to feelings, sensations and thoughts that are normally out of the ordinary field of awareness, and that can trigger these stressful patterns.

How will this workshop benefit me?

If you have reached the stage where stress has already become a problem, this workshop will provide you with a few tools to begin to change those patterns of mind that have been around for a long time and have become a habit. If you are approaching a period in your life when you know things are going to be difficult, or you are going to be facing major changes, this workshop will offer some coping strategies to help you embrace a positive attitude and enjoy a successful outcome. If you are a taiji or qigong practitioner, this workshop will help you to develop greater sensitivity to feelings, sensations and thoughts that are normally out of the ordinary field of awareness.

This full day workshop will involve some meditation, the exploration of qi energy to find the healer inside ourselves and qigong as a means of mindful exercise.