Shuxin Pinxue Gong – Calming the Heart

Following on from the popular Baojian Yangshen Gong and Yiqi Yangfei Gong sessions, created by Professor Zhang Guande, this workshop will focus on the heart.

Qigong, with correct breathing, strengthens the heart muscle and increases the stroke volume, enabling more oxygen to be delivered. Relaxation and deep abdominal breathing cause the blood vessels to relax  and dilate slightly, reducing blood pressure.  In Qigong, the mind and breath are united by concentrating the mind on the dantian, so as to reach a state in which the breathing is deep, even and led by the mind.

Shu Xin means calming the Heart and Pingxue means stabilising blood pressure.

We tend to believe that the brain and mind direct life, but the relationship between the heart and the mind is seen differently in China where the heart-mind is one system, located not in the brain but in the area of the heart. Thought, in Chinese, means to to examine the heart-mind. Attitude means to express the heart-mind. This is the area where earth and heaven meet. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude, intention and will are rooted in the heart-mind. When the thinking self is allowed to be integrated with the feeling self, working on this system can benefit not just the physical body but also the emotional responses. Thus while we may not always cure, we can heal.

Roger Jahnke OMD cites a number of research institutions where it has been observed that there are far more neurons  carrying impulses from the heart to the brain than the brain to the heart. Coherence among the organs triggers healing, which is most often initiated when the pulsing rhythm of the heart reaches a state of calm and trust. (Recent studies show that there are also neurotransmitters in the gut as well as the heart. It would appear to be no coincidence that the three dantiens are located in the areas of the heart, stomach and brain as well.)

The heart is a yin organ, the heart meridian finishing in the pinkie, where it links with its corresponding yang organ, the small intestine. It links to the element fire, the season of summer and the direction south. Its emotion is that of joy. Both over-excitement of the heart and depression need to be balanced by peace and calm orderliness, li.

Again, 8 moves will feature, using slow, gentle movements
Rising to Perform the Sword Dance at Cock Crow
White Ape Offering Fruits
Golden Elephant Loops its Nose
Oriole Flaps its Wings
Massaging the Ears
Thumping the limbs
Deeply Rooted Withered Tree
Calm Walk