Wu Qin Xi, The Five Animal Frolics

This system of Five Animal Exercises was developed by Hua Tuo, a leading physician of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). When he was called away to look after the Emperor, he wanted the people from his village to be able to look after their own health, so this is a form of preventative and maintenance medicine.

Five two-part moves make up this classic of Qigong exercises, which stimulate and harmonise the meridians and the five organs of the body.

Each animal form has a specific hand exercise and the physical movements are integrated with the mental exercises imitating the expressions of the animals.

The movements are designed to show the courage and robustness of the tiger, the serenity and poise of the deer, the steadiness and solidity of the bear, the nimbleness and dexterity of the monkey and the swiftness and grace of the bird.

Suitable for those with some experience or for beginners with good flexibility and balance.