Yiqi Yangfei Gong

Yiqi Yangfei Gong translates as Qigong for the respiratory system, which includes the lung and lower intestine. It is part of Professor Zhang Guande’s system of Daoyin Yangsheng Gong.

It is particularly beneficial to practice this form as we approach winter. The lung is a yin organ, related to the element metal, the direction west and the season autumn. The lower intestine is a yang organ. These work together.

The lung is the master of qi. It connects to the throat and to the orifices of the heart and liver. It is in charge of inhalation and exhalation and in general terms the flux of coming in and out. The lung is situated on top of all the other organs so it keeps them in check and pushes waste materials downwards all the way into the large intestine. It takes in clear qi and gives off murky refuse. It absorbs the yin to sustain the body’s yang qi.  The exercises also emphasise exhaling to support the recovering functions of the body, respiratory system and the activity of alveoli.

The Lung Meridian begins deep in the solar plexus region and descends to meet the large intestine. Winding up past the stomach, it crosses the diaphragm, divides, and enters the lungs. It then re-unites, passes up the middle of the windpipe to the throat and divides again, surfacing in the hollow region near the front of the shoulder (LU-1).

Breathing also directly controls the autonomous nervous system, which is why it is the basis for meditation and qigong exercises. Breathing hence forms a bridge between body and mind.

The 8 movements for Yiqi Yangfei Gong are:

1 Gangu Yingxiang (Dry breathing)

2 Danbi Qingtian. One arm supporting the sky

3 Huitou Wangyue Turn the head to look at the moon.

4 Qingzhou Pingdu. Ferrying a Light Boat.

5 Zhuotong Xiyi. Clumsy Child Hangs out the Washing.

6 Xuanhuan Tianzhu. Rotating the Heavenly Pillar

7 Shouhui Pipa. Playing the lute

8 Haong yan feikong. Swan Goose in the Empty Sky