Summer in Kintyre

Life has been a bit full on recently so I didn’t do anything for World Tai Chi day. It was great to watch on Facebook as various groups around the world send a wave of energetic activity on its way. Maybe next year!

Kintyre has so many festivals and events during the summer that it is virtually impossible to find a free weekend to hold a qigong workshop. Apart from that, imminent grandmotherhood (again) calls, so I don’t want to make any commitments. My plan now is to wait until after the summer and arrange a series of three workshops during the autumn.

The only one confirmed so far is on Saturday the 1st of October at Dalmally Station, home of Liz Gaffney-Whaite, from where she runs Heartfelt by Liz. I’m really excited about this as I don’t know yet whether I’ll be in the renovated station or in a yurt – either way it’ll be a first for me and I’m also looking forward to a good look round Liz’s inspiring shop and workshop.

The qigong workshop to be held there will be The Healing Promise of Qi. As Liz works with many creative people, the imagination and ‘yi’ involved in this qigong form should be highly empowering.

In September and November I’ll run the Six Healing Sounds and Shibashi or if there’s demand, we’ll try for a weekend workshop on Ba Duan Jin, exact locations still to be worked out.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions from anyone interested. It’s much easier to get things right, even in this monkey year!

Author: suse

My introduction to Chinese martial arts came through an evening class at Bathgate Academy where I had the chance to learn Wudan style Taiji. On leaving the area, over ten years ago, I studied Qigong through the Qigong Teachers' Association, enabling me to introduce people where I live on the West Coast, to this wonderful healing practice. My personal studies continue through an open approach to study with several schools and teachers, to whom I am eternally grateful.

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