West Coast Wuji Workshops

Workshops are usually held in Tarbert, depending on the lead tutor, though we can find alternative venues for a sufficient number of people. Each workshop will follow a broadly similar format, beginning with a warm-up for posture and breathing. During the day we’ll do more breathing exercises and taiji walking to develop sensitivity to the power of yin and yang, balance  and flowing movement. The final session in the afternoon will consist of a meditation.

The day will also include a form of Qigong, with the ‘easier forms’ available in one day workshops, and the ‘more difficult’ ones requiring a weekend.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and lunch will be available either inclusively or as a optional extra.

One Day Workshops
The Five Elements, An Introduction to Taiji and Qigong
The Ten Principles of Taiji
Shi Ba Shi – Eighteen Step Taiji Qigong
Liu Zi Jue – The Six Healing Sounds
The Healing Promise of Qi
The Six Healing Sounds
Daoyin Baojian Gong for General Health
Yiqi Yangfei Gong for the Respiratory System
Shuxin Pinxue Gong to Calm the Heart

Weekend Workshops

Wu Qin Xi The – Five Animal Frolics
Ba Duan Jin – The Eight Pieces of Brocade