Suse Coon

Suse has been practising Wudan style Taiji for over 20 years, at first not realising, she says, that the warm up exercises they practised were actually Qigong.

6 Healing SoundsShe studied with Sifu Mike Henderson, and Sifu Jack Miller before moving to the west coast. Having learnt from a number of masters* at Tai Chi Caledonia, and now keen to share the health benefits of her practice, she recently completed the 2 year Qigong Instructors’ course at Samye Ling with Sifu Bob Lowey

Based near Tarbert, Kintyre, she offers weekend workshops in taiji and qigong exercises as well as classes for voluntary organisations, or at places of work. She will also offer demonstrations and one off playful introductory experiences – but be warned – she may bring her sword!

Her previous life was in magazine publishing. She now writes novels, enjoys her one and a half acre garden, and when she isn’t orienteering or kayaking, will probably be knitting for her grandchildren or dreaming up a new cross-stitch project.

*Wang Haijun
Tina Faulkner
Henk Jansson
James MacRitchie
Barry Maginlay
Sam Masich
Richard Odell
Paul Silverstralle
Judith Van Drooge
Kenneth Van Sickle
Roger Yahnke OMD
Faye Lee Yip