October Workshop, with Promise

The Healing Promise of Qigong

I’m really looking forward to teaching Roger Jahnke’s Healing Promise of Qi workshop for four reasons.

Firstly because it’s one of my favourite qigong forms – it’s often the one I do in the morning to help me find the right energy for whatever I’ll be doing that day.

Secondly, it’s a simple and logical form to understand, with the moves mirroring the intention.This makes it easy for newcomers to qigong to follow and practise with focus quite quickly. Though based on ancient Chinese philosophical practices, it was developed by Roger to be accessible to sceptical Western minds.

Thirdly because it found me at a time when I needed it. There’s a saying “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears”. Whether this means that I (the pupil) was ready and Roger (the teacher) appeared (at Tai Chi Caledonia) or whether it means that I, the pupil was ready to turn into the teacher, I’m not sure, but either way, it’s what happened, and I’m grateful.

And fourthly, though not lastly(!) the workshop will be held at the home of the inspiring Liz Gaffney-White. Heartfelt By Liz is based at Dalmally Station, which her partner Graham has been restoring for several years. Although a working station on the Glasgow to Oban line, it is also a local history museum and the space allows Liz to run felt and other craft workshops either in the station waiting room, on the platform or in the beautiful yurt. It’s an opportunity to ogle the wonderful items she exhibits and sells.

Assuming we will be in the yurt, numbers will be restricted, so I’d advise booking as soon as possible for this full day course, which includes lunch.  There is also accommodation at the station for anyone travelling or wanting to make a weekend of it.