The Healing Promise of Qi

The Ten Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi
Beginning with breathing exercises and taiji walking to explore our sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance, we learn Roger Jahnke OMD’s Ten Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi. This qigong system involves collecting, distributing and making healthy the qi in the lower, middle and upper dan tiens.

Each set of three moves works on the material, emotional and spiritual energy, as felt in the lower, middle and upper dan tiens.

This is one of my favourite Qigong exercises. It’s physically quite simple to do, yet the movements really seem to mirror the internal activity and they are performed in a logical order. This is partly because it has been compiled to suit enquiring and sometimes cynical Western minds.

Roger employs these exercises with healthy people as well as people with serious health problems. They offer a simple health maintaining, energising exercise but because it is the yi, the intention, that is important, the exercises can, with practise, be very effective even whilst lying in bed.

The next workshop will take place on Saturday 10th March 2018. Here’s a link to more information and how to book. 
Suitable for beginners.

Here’s a link to Roger’s book, which is a fascinating read.