Drop in Qigong

The last session this year will be a bit of a mix. It could be chaotic or it could be enlightening!

If you aren’t very sure about coming for a whole day, you can ‘drop in’ and try an hour long session (or 2!). If you have attended previous workshops, you can ‘drop in’ and revise a form you want to brush up on – or just practise in a group again.

I can’t cover all the workshops we’ve done, so I’ve listed 5 options. If you want to request a different one, let me know and maybe I can substitute. Or if it’s just one aspect you want to ask about, I’m sure we can fit it in somewhere. Or if you want to come in the afternoon but the workshop you’re interested in is in the morning, maybe I can rearrange the times.

Of course you’re welcome to come for the whole day! However, although the event is free, I do urge you to book in with the options you want, for the above reason. Things might change!

Here’s how it could work
At the moment I’m planning to start with

The Healing Promise of Qi. This is an easy set of 9 exercises (repeated 3 times each) devised by Roger Jahnke OMD to gather and focus qi energy.

Daoyin Baojian Gong is a set of 8 exercises devised by Professor Zhang Guande for General Health.

Ba Duan Jin is also known as the 8 Fine Treasures or 8 Pieces of Brocade. Again there are 8 exercises, which we repeat 8 times for General Health.

Shibashi is known as the 18 step taiji qigong. As the name suggests, it includes 18 simple exercises which we repeat 4 or 5 times.

We’ll finish with the bodyscan from the Mindfulness workshop. This needs silence, so please be on time if you want to take part.

I need your feedback in order to adapt this day to make it work for you. Please Book here to request the workshops that interest you.